A few reasons to love my favourite Indian restaurant, Curry et Naan

  1. The heavenly tastes! The lamb tikka, served with coriander chutney, is spiced and cooked to perfection in the tandoor, while the chicken tikka masala manages to be deeply flavoured without being too sweet (a downfall in many CTMs). The vindaloos are hot enough and the lassis are just right. Vegetarian friends love this spot, but I feel that the meat-eaters are the biggest winners here.
  2. “Enjoy your talkings!” So says the sweetest, loveliest, most accommodating waitress in the world after she takes your order. She really, truly says this, and I love it.
  3. Commitment to hygiene! Once, I told a staff member there was no more soap in the bathroom (yes, I’m that girl). He promptly donned his coat and ran – literally, ran – across the street to pick some up. Now, maybe I’m jaded, but I was really impressed.
  4. Amazing value! It’s possible to eat like a king for less than the tip you’d pay after a fancy meal at a trendier spot. (I’m only comparing prices here, so settle down, food people.)
  5. Fewer hipsters! If you sit near the window, you can watch them trudging faithfully over to Bombay Mahal with their bottles of shit wine. Enjoy your talkings, hipsters! I’ll be right here.

Restaurant Delhi Bombay Curry et Naan Indian and Pakistani Specialities

989 Jean-Talon West

Montreal, QC H3N 1S9


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