5 Reasons Our Current Bus Ride Sucks

1. It’s eight hours long (we boarded in Bangalore at 11pm and will arrive in Hampi at 7am)
2. Bus likely dates back to Nehru administration; suspension system completely shot (result: can actually feel our brains rattling inside our skulls and the contents of our stomachs churning) (bonus: driver slows down for every speed bump… but speeds up again right after the front wheels make it over)
3. Cramped seats recline back a good deal, resulting in the dreadlocks of the sleeping hippie in front of us periodically making their way into our personal space
4. Ancient windows and undercarriage let in plenty of chilly outside air, requiring us to wrap ourselves in every item of clothing we brought (bonus: aroma of burning garbage has permeated the bus, rendering normal breathing virtually impossible)
5. Drunk dude at back of bus every so often lets out a blood-curdling yelp in his sleep (update: he has now fallen from his original position – sprawled across the entire back seat – to the floor, where he has peacefully spent the last few hours)

I could go on.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Our Current Bus Ride Sucks

  1. Hi Carolyn, great fun to read your stories. Sounds like nothing has changed since Andy and I travelled there(India) 35 years ago. I certainly didn’t always enjoy the moment, but I do enjoy the memories, so double your pleasure and enjoy both.(Do I sound like Andy?)

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