Publicly Shaming a Creepy Celebrity – Did This Writer Go Too Far?

What a creepy date might look like.

What a creepy date might look like.

I came across this piece today in which a clever Toronto writer recounts the lurid details of a dating disaster involving a “C-level radio celebrity”. While the gentleman in question is not named outright, any Canadian geek worth their salt could easily deduce that CBC star Jian Ghomeshi is the target of her vitriol. His crime: an extreme case of inflated ego coupled with a healthy dose of sexual inappropriateness.

Now ­- repeated, unwanted advances appall me as much as the next girl, and to a certain extent, I can sympathise with the author’s disgust. I myself have played the migraine card, and in considerably less unpleasant situations – who among us hasn’t?

However, I respectfully submit that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime!

Clearly, he misread her intentions and used questionable tactics in his clumsy attempt at seducing her. And unsolicited ass-grabbing is rarely welcome (okay, Mayor Ford?). But I’m going to take the (perhaps controversial) position that publicly shaming him and potentially damaging his reputation and career outweigh his ickiness. Now, if I’d feel differently if he’d done something malicious, or truly scary – but by her own admission, she wasn’t even uncomfortable enough to refuse to get into his (apparently Spiderman-esque) car. The feigned discretion with respect to his identity seems especially mean-spirited and unnecessary. Why bother calling him “Keith”?

And while his actions were indisputably creepy, isn’t there also a certain crassness in socializing with someone solely in hopes of furthering one’s own agenda, as she says motivated her to meet him in the first place? She accepte his invitation because she wanted to see Metric, further her writing career, and most unsettlingly, maybe make a “new best gay friend”. (A highly informal survey of a few of my own gay friends yielded the shocking discovery that gay friends generally don’t appreciate being commodified in this way.) Call me crazy, but this diatribe, though funny, actually makes the author sound creepier than the subject.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Publicly Shaming a Creepy Celebrity – Did This Writer Go Too Far?

  1. If only is was more widely known what a creepy, abusive, serial-rapist he was, the allegations of sexual assault with him would have come to light a lot sooner! When a man is abusive, we need to go pubic with it! He abused so many women, and got away with it for so long because no one knew!

What do you think?

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