Travels with Baby: Two Months in Italy. Why Not?

The morning we left (incidentally, also the last morning in our old apartment; we're moving as soon as we get home!)

The morning we left (incidentally, also the last morning in our old apartment; we’re moving as soon as we get home!)

So, we thought it would be cool to spend a little over two months in Italy. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do (of course. Doesn’t everybody?). After all, as Riccardo notes matter-of-factly, it’s the best country on earth. And this was the time to go – I’m on maternity leave and Rocky, at seven months old, is still pretty portable. I knew it might be challenging at times, and probably not as exciting and carefree as, say, that time we toured Laos on a motorcycle. But, we had to give it a whirl. And here we are!

It’s now been three weeks since we touched the ground in Venice. Before Rocky came along, I used to like immortalizing our little adventures on my blog so that I could remember them later, but I have not have a free minute to do that yet… until this very moment.

You may be wondering what we’ve been up to! Tough, I will tell you anyway. At first, we took it easy. Riccardo’s parents have a little apartment and a car near the towns where they’re from in the north, and he has scores of aunts, uncles and cousins in close proximity, all of whom are kind-hearted, hilarious and impeccably dressed. My father-in-law decided to join us for ten days, and it was lovely to spend some quality time with three generations of Cellere men who snore in harmony. (That is, in the rare event that the littlest Cellerino actually slept during the night.) Rocky met some of his many relatives, breathed fresh mountain air for the first time, and accompanied us in his stroller as we enjoyed many a Campari spritz in lovely towns from Asiago to Verona, surrounded by art and culture and stylish Italians. He also took a good six nights to be convinced that nighttime in Italy happens at a different time. Baby jet lag…it’s real, and it sucks.

After Riccardo’s dad went home to Canada, we had a week free before Riccardo also had to go home to Montreal to work for a week (sniff, sniff). We promptly swung into action mode, nipping down to Bologna for a night, then back up north to Torino to meet up with a friend visiting there from Bangkok, stopping in a tiny hamlet near Reggio-Emilia for a night along the way. From Torino, we decided (out of sheer madness and curiosity) to head north to the Swiss border before finally making our way back to our home base for a couple of nights. Maybe I’ll post some photos when I get around to it!

Since Riccardo’s been gone I’ve been hanging out with Rocky in Rome, where my cousin lives. Exploring the fourth largest city in Europe alone with a seven-month-old in tow has not been without its (occasionally hilarious) challenges, but it’s nice to know it can (sort of) be done! Riccardo gets back to Verona TONIGHT, and I’m so excited to see him. I think he’ll be too wiped out from his whirlwind week and exhausting journey to make the five-hour drive down to us, but he wants to. Not sure there’s enough espresso in all of Italy to sustain him!

More soon, or not. Ciao!

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